How I got my cooking groove back

Nowadays, when it comes to me vs cooking, it can get ugly and messy very fast.  After years of failed attempts (and if I’m being honest, battling my ultra laziness every since work started taking over my life) I have discovered I have three rules I need to follow, in order for the ordeal of cooking to be successful with the least amount of pain.

  1. It needs to be quick, easy and delicious. I’ll even compromise on the “delicious” part if it’ll save me a couple of hours. I work a million hours a week and the last thing I want to do when I get home is to commit to make some complicated meal when I’m already on the verge of being delightfully hangry (you know, when you are so tired and hungry you get angry?). I have opted for eating cereal instead of making that dragon bowl I had just bought all the ingredients for. And I’ll do it again. That being said, if it’s too quick or easy, but tastes like shit, I’ll just throw it out anyway.
  2. Leftovers must be minimized.  Whether you live alone or with another person, chances are, you’ll need to buy too much stuff to cover one recipe and will be faced with one of two scenarios: either whatever you’re making will serve 16 and you’ll be stuck eating the same darn thing for lunch and supper all week OR you’ll discover you are in fact, God, and have created an environment fit for new uni (or multi) cellular microorganisms. So I try to live by the “it should make one dinner, a couple of lunches and no new case study for a Mycology class” rule.
  3. It needs to be healthy. Eating take-out is super easy. Thing is, albeit delicious, restaurant meals tend to be rich and filled with sodium. (Ah the joys of not being a teenager anymore and getting instantly bloated.) Plus, lets be honest here, you have no fucking clue what you are REALLY eating most of the time. Same with whatever goes straight from the grocery story to the oven. So I try to find healthy recipes whenever I can, to you know, balance out the good vs evil.

So, a couple of my friends suggested I try Good Food , previously known as Culiniste (name probably changed for obvious reasons). Seriously, world, I LOVE IT.

Here’s why. Culiniste

Every week, I choose 3 out of 7 meals. Like the ones above. You always have at least 3 vegetarian options (see that little V on the top right corner there?), some fish, some poultry, red meat… you really have it all.  So the key thing to remember here is that it is DIVERSE: you wont eat the same thing twice. Before you make your selection you can look at Culiniste Good Foodeach recipe and see the amount of calories per serving (usually under 700) , time it’ll take (usually under 40 mins) and all ingredients you will receive in order to make each meal.

You also chose your meal plan (number of meals per week with number of servings). I picked the option of having 3 meals with 2 servings for each meals (the minimum), but really, it makes about 3. So that’s good.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 11.20.42 AMOn Mondays, I get my ingredients delivered to me at work. No huss, no fuss. Even better, when you request for it to be delivered at your workplace, they make sure you receive it before 5 pm. (Keep in mind, you need a fridge to put the box in, so your ingredients stay fresh all day.) Otherwise, you can get it delivered at home, before 8 pm.

And this is the best part.  The box comes with the recipes and all the ingredients for your week, neatly divided by meal so you don’t get confused. AND you have exactly what you need for each recipe so you won’t need that measuring cup. I chop up a few ingredients, heat ’em up while keeping an eye on the clock. And voilà: idiot proof.

The cost? 65$, shipping included. I mean really. You can start and stop whenever you want, there are no commitments. You can even skip a week here and there without fully stopping your membership. Just remember to tell them, otherwise you’ll still receive some meals!

What we have here, ladies and gents, is the perfect solution for those of us who don’t like cooking all that much but who are still looking to eat healthy meals on a budget. I’m on my 4th week and have yet to complain.

The only bémole I have is that with the box, individual plastic bags, little containers, my recycling conscience sounds an alarm. There’s a lot.  Sure, I reuse everything I can (little containers are great to bring dressing for lunches and individual plastic bags are better than Ziploc bags) but still..  I think that if Good Food can come up with a system where you can return last weeks things when they are delivering the new box, it would really make this THE perfect solution! (Hint Hint) **** Correction: THEY DO TAKE THEIR CONTAINERS BACK! 


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