What you missed if you didn’t see SUUNS last week

Did you realize too late your favorite hometown band was in Montreal and missed them? That’s pretty shitty considering SUUNS won’t be around for a while with their tour promoting their latest effort, Hold/Still, will be bringing them all over the world in the next few months. You best bet? Plan a trip to the States or the UK.

It’s well worth-it, trust us, because SUUNS did not disappoint (not that they had anything to prove anyway) especially looking at the clearly eclectic crowd that demonstrated nothing but pure bliss. Watching a band like this is so much more than just about you see; it’s the vibe, the crowd’s energy. It moves. It bobs. It transcends. 

So ya, book that plane ticket

In the meantime, you can always look through the pictures above. Add a playlist and you might get a somewhat static idea of what the moment was like. Not quite as satisfying, I get it, but at least it’s a whole lot cheaper than a European trip. #FestivalSeasonIsComingUp