NU_MTL Daybook 017 – Thin Blue Line

Discovering new music sometimes cause to stir vivid memories unrelated or not the soundtrack that trigger the souvenir. Transitioning from high school into being a young adult life, there were little bands that had greater hypnotic effect than Broken Social Scene and their layered lo-fi orchestral, majestic build-ups and intricate atmospheric and melancholic manners that would later become heavier through years.

Aa few re-surfaced at the first listen of Thin Blue Line‘s debut EP, where instrumental music scores meets strong rocks influences. Aerial, cinematic, built on bass, guitar and synths and sitting between post-rock and kraut-rock on guitar, it is the perfect upbeat soundtrack to a roaming mind, rather elating.


About Christelle Saint-Julien

Professional writer and translator based in Montreal, Christelle compiles projects on project such as brainchild Naked Underground Montreal, literary collective Le Shindig, music, arts and sharing her passion for local culture.