We are Monroe releases Midnight Cruiser

We are Monroe had a busy couple of years: the boys released their first EP – “Funeral”, back in 2015, toured all over Quebec (a couple of times even), playing with such renown bands as The Damn Truth, We are Wolves and The Dears, played various festivals, namely CMW, M for Montreal and Les Premiers Vendredisand we could go on.  So you’d think they’d pat themselves on the back and take some well deserved time off to you know, breath a little, take a vacation…but no.

The band is not showing any signs of slowing down, surprising us (or not, if you follow them on social media) with a new tune – Midnight Cruiser – first track off their upcoming album, which should see the light of day sometime in the spring (April-ish). Upbeat, catchy: this is We are Monroe in it’s truest form, with a few surprises here and there, including a gripping drum solo about 30 seconds in. Though it does have unmistakable Killers or Ferdinand flavours to it, this song, like most of what WaM has done up until now, brings a fresh, modern spin on the new wave, post-punk revival genre.  Which sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. (And really, earns them the right to be thought of as a group of it’s own, without incessant comparisons.  Our two cents!)

We are Monroe will release the official “Midnight Cruiser” video during their single release party,on January 28th, at Le Belmont. They will be playing with Po Lazarus and Mike McKenna Jr.

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