My Babe and Me: White Leather, Motorcycles and #Relationshipgoals

They were in South America not long ago, and they aren’t slowing down now that they are home.  Les Deuxluxes are back home and ready to take 2017 by storm, starting things off by releasing a new video for their song My Babe & Me , which is off their first LP Springtime Devil, released back in September 2nd, 2016. Etienne Barry and Anna Frances Meyer ended the year with a bang on national television by appearing on Infoman and Belle et Bum for their respective end of year specials.

The video was directed by Ariel Poupart, and sees Etienne Barry and Anna Frances Meyer in striking white leather outfits, riding motorcycles on the devil’s highway. We had a lot of fun doing the artistic direction, we wanted to create a blinding world that blurs the lines between the eras, the band explains. A cross between a high fashion shoot and a biker flick, all the while fully embracing the fact that we filmed everything in a studio.

They will continue touring, this time in Quebec which will include a show in Montreal, their first since their album release back in the fall. The show will be  at Théâtre Fairmount on April 1st. Tickets are now available online.

Upcoming shows
01/25/17 Rimouski, QC // Cabaret Espace Scène – Salle Desjardins Telus
01/26/17 Rivière-du-Loup, QC // Salle Bon-Pasteur (1ère partie de Lisa LeBlanc)
01/27/17 Lévis, QC // L’Anglicane (1ère partie de Lisa LeBlanc)
01/28/17 Montmagny, QC // Salle Promutuel Assurance (1ère partie de Lisa LeBlanc)
02/0317 Drummondville, QC // Salle Léo-Paul-Therrien (1ère partie de Lisa LeBlanc)
02/04/17 Brossard, QC // Le Club DIX30 (1ère partie de Lisa LeBlanc)
02/09/17 L’Assomption, QC // Théâtre Hector Charland (1ère partie de Lisa LeBlanc)
02/10/17 Lachine, QC // L’entrepôt (1ère partie de Lisa LeBlanc)
02/11/17 Val-Morin, QC // Théâtre du Marais (1ère partie de Lisa LeBlanc)
03/03/17 Shawinigan, QC // La Shop du Trou du Diable – Salon Wabasso
03/04/17 Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard, QC // L’Ange Vagabond
03/11/17 Jonquière, QC // Café-Théâtre Côté-Cour
04/01/17 Montreal, QC // Théâtre Fairmount
05/27/17 Bois-des-fillions, QC // Bière au menu

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