5 things you don’t know about Karim Ouellet

Today is a big day: the first day of Le Festif!, one of our favorite festivals to attend year after year. And to celebrate this great weekend coming up, here’s a little treat of an article about our truly beloved Quebec artist Karim Ouellet, who just happens to be playing a show at Le Festif! this weekend. Ga-donc ça!
If you live in the province of Quebec and you don’t know who he is, well, better get rid of that rock covering your rabbit hole, read this and go see him in a galaxy near you.

Here we go:

Aren’t they just adorable?! Now, imagine 150 of them.

1 – Karim has close to 200 foxes living all around his house.

Yes, live ones. Ben non, of course not. But they are everywhere. Following the release of his critically acclaimed album Fox, foxes became a trademark for Karim. From this, arrived an influx of fox printed memorabilia, gifted and created, such as framed pictures, neck ties, door mats, fox facemasks, socks, you name it, he has it. Dirty minds, refrain, we didn’t ask about his fox-y underwear…

2 – His travel bags are schlepp-heavy

Look at this cute zombie face….awwwww.

It might seem like he’s not always travelling light, but don’t be fooled! It’s not a weird obsession with clothes or a knack for over-packing that’s the problem, it’s his love for videogames that weighs heavy. If you unzip his bag, you will see that 80% of it is a console, remotes and games. His favorites: Final Fantasy VII, Fallout 4, all Mario Kart’s and of course Resident Evil 7 VR-style, when he feels courageous enough to play alone, because it’s bat-shit scary when zombies attack you in your own living room.


3 – Cheese and milk beware!

Maybe it’s because of his Senegalese descent, but Karim cannot stand lactose and everything made with it, of it or from it. Offer him milk, cream, butter or even yummy cheese (I know, right?) and you’ll bear witness to a most fantastic lemon face. Worse part, he’s not even lactose intolerant. Oh, he might make an exception for pizza, as long as the cheese “tastes like nothing.” lovely.

How can you not want to jump face-flat in this pile of cheeeeeese?


4 – No lonely sock planet for Karim

Along with his collection of foxes, Karim has amassed over the years a very interesting assortment of socks. The fact that they always match is already a sign of success in my book, but the fact that they match AND that they are awesome is a clear fashion statement.

Here are a few instagram pics from his account to prove my point. Jealous? I am.



Almost a match. Good enough.

What I imagine Karim’s house to be in Quebec City.

5 – He still lives in Quebec City


Despite his wide success, Karim never left the city of Quebec …City. Sure, half his life is spent in Montreal, for interviews, shows, rehearsals, friends, and a million other things. But his heart and his house remain in Quebec City near his family, bandmates (and their families), and the lovely Chute Montmorency, which he probably never really visits because no one ever really does touristy stuff in their own city, even though we all should.


6- Karim Ouellet destroyed the stage at Le Festif in 2017.

That can’t possibly be true, because the show hasn’t happened yet, but it will be crazy and even though we predict no destruction of anything, we cannot wait! Be there or be…not there, and regret it for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. Also, I realize this counts for 6 things. Damn.

Peace out.

…And see you Friday at 12h30 at the show! Scène Radio-Canada.


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