It’s still pretty cold outside and it sometimes makes us lazy.

For those like me who doesn’t feel much like taking care of their hair, I decided to give you my special tips to have a great style without having to think about your locks.



Turtlenecks are back in the game right now and hiding your hair in it is even more trendy. So, if one of these mornings you feel a little cozy, well pull your collar up on and go for it!



Having a bad hair day? No need to be scared anymore! Just put a beanie on or a hat for the bad to turn into and amazing look.


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And last but not least, the half bun. This is my fav lazy hair day tip. This hairstyle is really popular right now and it’s so useful when your hair refuses to cooperate.




About Anne Marquis

Anne is a fashion design student @UQAM who craves for new wonders and discoveries in the big city of Montreal. All she wants is to share her passion for fashion and the well done work of local brands with the rest of the world.