Tips to change your make up game forever

Make up isn’t for everyone.

It requires patience and precision, to have a knowledge of proportions, and sometimes (most of the time) a pretty big budget.

With time and practice, you come to developpe your own technique. As of today, some of us still struggle with how to apply foundation or even (my worst enemy) THAT FREAKIN’ CAT EYE which Taylor Swift seems to master #alldayeveryday .

Cat eye :
Up until now, you’ve clearly underestimate the power of a single spoon. (T-swift, the secret to your perfect «cat eye» is now ours!!!)

Simply use the handle and the rounded edge of a spoon to master that ‘’art’’, and of course liquid eyeliner.

PIC 1_aglaé

Don’t throw your money by the window:
So what about broken eyeshadow, fondation and bronzer?

If you wear make up, even just a tinny bit, you know too damn well how aggravating this situation is.

Rubbing alcohol to the rescue!!!

PIC 2_aglaé
Add drops of it into your broken make up and press it with a the back of a spoon to fix it all back together.

Lipstick jungle:
Why wasting your money on ONE shades of lipstick, when you can create a bunch on your own ?!

PIC 3_aglaé

Mix loose pigment with a salve (or petroleum jelly) to create your one of kind lipstick shade.


About Aglaé Duchesne

Aglaé is without a doubt the clumsiest person in town and she's now starting her Bachelor in Fashion marketing. Aglaé is dreaming big. She wants to become a well-known and successful business woman in the world of fashion, a kind of 2.0 version of Sarah Jessica Parker.