Me Myself and Montreal: 3 reasons to subscribe ASAP

You’re passionate about local designers? DIY? Original and pretty things? Me Myself and Montreal might just be the best gift you can offer to yourself! 1 box, tons of suprises, inspiration and local support, that’s what MMM is all about.

Here’s 3 simple reasons to subscribe and/or follow them :

Price wise

Starting at 32$/month tax and shipping included, it’s a reasonable price considering the individual price of every item you will get. Included? You often have jewelry, bags/mini purses, decorations, beauty products, and the list goes on.


What makes it even better is the fact that the box is also the cutest thing there is. I totally keep them to organize all my jewelry and hair accessories!

Local support

By purchasing an MMM membership, you do not only encourage local economy (which is already an awesome thing to do) but you allow artist to pursue what they like doing the most. You allow them to make their passion a living.

Finally you are contributing to make Montreal an even more creative, artistic and beautiful city. Because yes, everything you get was done localy.

L’atelier du coin de la rue

This is my favorite part of the whole concept. Every week from Tuesday to Sunday, l’atelier du coin de la rue invites you to an awesome DIY party kind of thing.  They are providing everything you need for an afternoon of arts and crafts. (and cup of tea … how cute!!!). You can also purchase a MMM suprise box on place, or many other local brand.




All the details you need to know are here.

Take a look, and give us your feedback!

You can subscribe here.



About Aglaé Duchesne

Aglaé is without a doubt the clumsiest person in town and she's now starting her Bachelor in Fashion marketing. Aglaé is dreaming big. She wants to become a well-known and successful business woman in the world of fashion, a kind of 2.0 version of Sarah Jessica Parker.