Beach art for 365 days of summer

Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel like it’s summer all year long? No more seasonal depression over the ridiculous amount of this «white thing» outside our windows?  If you are like me, you think winter is the worst season and the fact that it’s already getting darker sooner makes you sick.

Well… this era is over me friends. In an attempt to have a little bit of summer all year long, I share with you beach and pool art, from the most aspiring artists out there. And don’t worry, this art is anything but tacky and won’t just belong in your cottage or summer house (because you know, we all have one of those).

Something to bright up your place a bit, to ENJOY even more your summer!

Betty Hatchett

by : Betty Hatchett

Bree Madden

by : Bree Madden

By far, my favorite of the bunch. My fashion obsessed self can’t get enough of Gray Malin‘s work.

Gray Malin

by : Gray Malin

Gray Malin

by : Gray Malin

Gray Malin_2

by : Gray Malin

Gray Malin_3

by : Gray Malin

So colorful and full of life, his instagram is totally worth it!

What’s your favorite piece of art that screams «SUMMER» ?

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