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Duchess Says

Duchess Says releases synth gem “I Repeat Myself”

Let’s face it, this is the summer of Stranger Things: the show, the soundtrack, Winona. And with that, comes a nostalgic re-appreciation for all things 80s. Which means, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for Duchess Says’ new single – the second one of their forthcoming…

HAlf Moon Run

Le Festif! – Let’s do it again and again and again!

Logbook of a weekend of music, pleasure… and excess. FRIDAY: 3:30pm – ARRIVAL IN PARADISE We arrive in foggy, rainy weather. Our little beachside motel awaits for us on the horizon, under skies striving to clear up. The sea is…

Brown Montreal

NU_MTL DAYBOOK 028 : Brown Baby Brown

Red Hot this summer: Brown. The trio consists of Dead Obies‘ Snail Kid and Jam, from K6A, Jam et P-Dox, Alaclair Ensemble (so you know, right away, it’s going to be gold). But then, add to the mix their papa, Robin…


HRVST: The ONLY Pop-Up Shop You Need This Weekend

Guys, it’s mid-summer already (SAY WHAAAT?!), so don’t be left with a feeling of FOMO on September 1st; get out of your apartment and do shit. Netflix ain’t going anywhere; you’ll have plenty of me time come November. Now that that’s…


The Jazz Chronicles 5. – Wrap-Up

So after 10 days of running around, chasing the best live shows of the year, Montreal Jazz Fest 2016 has come to an end.  Below, last shows we caught, which definitely kept us wanting more. This festival is just too darn short….

StartupFest Montreal 2016

StartupFest Kicks-Off in Montreal This Week!

Techie aficionados, investors and entrepreneurs alike are eagerly awaiting the kick-off to the highly anticipated StartupFest in Montreal. This year’s agenda is looking to be especially dynamic with a host of speakers and guests working on some of the most…


The Jazz Chronicles 4. – Over the Hill and away

Sometimes your best friend tells it better than you would  It’s a long opening act at Wilfrid Pelletier tonight. A mix of sweat and apprehension floats over the crowd. There is no clear idea when She will appear. People feel frustrated,…